Friday, March 13, 2015

June Calendar Page One & Done

I find it hard to believe that not only did I finish the basic page, I put some photos on it.  I am working on putting the photos on February and March and hope to share those next week.  I am kind of undecided on which images to use as I have so many to choose from.  That is not a surprise and I talked about how adding more photo mats to months that more photos are taken was built into my plan. 

Can I just say that I am really loving this project?  June's papers are so, so pretty and the layout came together better than I pictured it in my head. 

I changed the title to something simpler than what I had planned but you know.  You can't have everything:)  Here are some of the details.....

How perfect is that saying?  Unbelievable that I still had it!!!!

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One of the best things about how much creating I've been doing (other than getting my memories recorded) is how much of my stash I have been using.  Holy Moly I haven't scrapbooked this much in years!  I've been completing and sharing about 5 layouts a week.  It feels so good to rediscover products that I purchased bc they were so gorgeous actually come out of the package and get used.  Seeing my photos again also reminds me of why I got into scrapbooking in the first place. 

My husband takes hundreds of photos and before the days of being able to easily keep photos on your computer, we had everything printed.  I have boxes and boxes of photos.  Lately I have been scanning and printing my favorites before I organize them into their 4X6 sleeves.  It's been bringing lots of smiles and a few happy tears lol.  Let me tell you, this girl feels truly blessed!!

Anywho, one of the pictures that I came across was of me and my husband at a party.  We were dancing and someone snapped a pic of us.  All time favorite of us!  I was able to get it scrapped for the first time using a scraplift of Kelly Foster.  I love her style and really enjoyed trying to recreate her style.  Here's the layout.....

It took a loooong time to create!  There was a lot of drying time, and the techniques took a lot of time.  I didn't follow her videos, just kinda did my own thing to recreate the look, feel & placement of her layouts.  I really, really love her pages and had such a good time trying to put my spin on it.  I literally woke up thinking about creating this page:)
What about you?  Is there a scrapper or artist whose work you would love to recreate on your pages but are kinda nervous about trying to recreate bc it's not really your style?  Or do you just love from afar but stick completely to your own mojo?  I will definitely be doing this again but maybe not as much paint and ink and stuff.  I did enjoy though:) 
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