Wednesday, March 4, 2015

She Makes it Look Easy

I have long been a fan of Nichol Magouirk's work.  Her videos are amazing and her work is just stunning.  I could get all JLaw Fangirl on you but I am too old for that so I will keep my gushing simple.  NicholM is amazing and if I met her in person, I would not know what to ask her first and I may, probably, ask her to sign an autograph.  Sorry folks, done now. 

Anywho.  She made this shaker frame on one of her cards and it just blew me away.  I love, loved and will continue to love it.  Inspiration struck and I realized that hey, they make transparencies in     8 1/2X11 size.  It is doable to make a shaker frame on a layout.  So I tried it.  And you know what?

It worked!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Here is a link to her card and video   

It was not easy to replicate and I used a metric ton of foam and adhesive but man oh man.  The result.  Wow.  The idea of the result anyway.  I am not 100% crazy about the layouts but the technique will be used again and again. 

This is what I started with.....

I am stingy with my consumable supplies sometimes so I opted to use fun foam instead of foam adhesive (which is funny considering the fact that my foam adhesive has dried up because I have had it for so long.  geesh, doh!).  Next time, I will definitely use dry adhesive!! It took forever for the wet adhesive to dry and it was a real pain - the waiting and the keeping everything where I wanted it was te-di-ous. 

I also decided to use the paper that I created with washi tape on this layout.  This decision contributed to me not being entirely happy about the layout.  In the future, I will definitely use a less busy pattern for the background.  I think that the confetti will standout a lot more with a more subdued background.  You know what they say, keep it simple scrapper:).  Creating the paper was so simple.  Simply put the tape on the paper.  I did sew around the edges to keep the washi from popping up though.  

This project was perfect bc I had a ton of that confetti that I had gotten in a Studio Calico kit a long time ago.  I was very happy to see it all gone and not staring at me anymore.  I threw in a few of my favorite gold sequins for sparkle.....

Here is my lift.  I actually did 2 layouts, one for each of the washi backgrounds. 

For me, watching crafty videos is a hobby all into itself.  I watch a lot of them but I never seem to try any new ideas.  It is nice to finally be putting some of the techniques that I am seeing into practice.  How about you?  Do you watch or do you do?  I'd love to hear about your crafty adventures. 

Thanks for stopping by and have a fantastic Wednesday!

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