Monday, March 23, 2015

Hello Today

My niece is very sporty.  She loves all things dramatic and all things physical.  She has the sweetest voice I have ever heard but I don't think she is a singer.  If I had to put my money on an occupation for her, I would say actor. 

I have been organizing my photos, a project that is way overdue, and came across one of her that I immediately realized that I had the perfect paper for.  So I scrapped it.  And I love it.  She is going to be thrilled to see her page when she comes to visit me this summer.  At least I hope so.....

Some details.......

It has taken me years to find a plan for the hundreds of photos that we have printed and stored in boxes.  When our families come to visit, one of the things that they like to do is to look through my albums.  So all of my photos will go into albums, just like my pages.  But not the magnetic albums of yesteryear, I will be using pocket pages.  The only titles or decorations will be one 4X6 card giving the date range.  Much easier to tackle than labeling all the photos.  I might put a card on the back that has the name of the people in the photos but that is about it.  I realized that I was starting to forget who was who so labeling will be important.
Photos that are too large for the pocket pages will be framed and hung on my walls or scrapped.  My goal is to have no photos left in boxes!  If you have a suggestion for me, I would love to hear it.  Or even if you just want to share the details of your methods, that's welcome too.  (you can leave a link to your blog or gallery if you'd like:))
Anywho, thanks for stopping by for a spell! 

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