Friday, March 20, 2015


I found this quilt on pinterest and I just absolutely fell in love with it.   I think it is the cutest thing so I was very inspired to make this layout about my great-nephew.  My sister (his GM) calls him monster.  I don't know why bc he is a really, really good kid. In fact, he is the only kid I have ever seen that is never up to no good.  If he disappears and it gets really quiet, he's probably somewhere thinking or watching. 

He adores his GM and doesn't at all mind be called monster.  Here's the layout.......

I had a bit of trouble with it.  When it was finished, it didn't seem finished to me so I just kept fiddling about trying to get it right and nothing worked on it.  What really drew me to the quilt was the black lines and bright monsters so in the end, I decided to just go with it and keep it simple but I did add a little stamping and the wood veneer word bubbles with the enamel dots on them.

In other news, we woke up to snow this morning!  Utter delight!!  In fact, it is still coming down outside my window as I write this post.  So, so peaceful. 

Have you ever found a quilt or other really large item that inspired a scrapbook page or album?  I would love to hear your thoughts and how you were able to "downsize" your inspiration piece enough so that it made sense on a scrapbook page. 

Thanks for stopping by and HAPPY FRIDAY!!!!!!

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