Saturday, March 21, 2015

I'm Done

and I am leaving you!  You have burned me for the very last time.  The other times have not been so bad, but this last time really, really hurt!!  I may have been responsible for what happened but still I am angry at you and I blame you.  So trust me when I say that I am leaving you for a much cuter, younger and smoking hot model.  One that is dressed up real classy in purple and white damask. One that gets hot much faster than you and has a drip guard so that he won't hurt me, even when I am doing something stupid like gluing a flower stem in the air over my lap when I am wearing shorts.

Yes folks, I am talking about my glue gun.  Double yes, I really did do that stupidity described above.  I was so upset and that burn really, really hurt.  I realize it was all my fault but the conversation that I had with that gun.  Oh man.  Good thing my son was upstairs or he would have had me making it rain on the swear jar.  Good thing that glue gun is not real or he would have left me waaay before I had a chance to leave him. 

Sigh, the hazards of crafting.

Thanks for stopping by and in the interest of preserving my dignity, please feel free to share your crafty mishaps with me.  Misery does love company doesn't it?


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