Thursday, March 12, 2015


That's how I see my oldest daughter.  When she was in high school & college, she could not figure out what she wanted from life and as a result, spent a lot of time being frustrated with her life.  I think she was just a little fearful that she would not be able to find where she fit or that she would settle on the wrong thing. 

One day, she comes to me and says that she is going to live in NYC and work in the fashion industry.  From that day forward, every decision she made directly contributed to that goal.  And guess what?  She did it.  She was quite fearless about it too. 

She found a job before she had found a place to live.  Literally a few days before she was supposed to start, she got a call from an apartment that she was wait-listed on to tell her that a space had unexpectedly opened up and asking her if she could move in immediately.  Did I mention that the apartment was within walking distance of Times Square and that it cost less than $1000 a month?

That was the beginning.  She has been living in NY for a few years now and has since moved to a better apartment, more permanent job position and is more sure about her future.  I don't know if I would have been able to do what she has done when I was her age but I am sure proud of my fearless woman.

Can I say that I am crazy about how these hearts came out.  I saw a couple of layouts on pinterest that gave me this idea.  One had all the hearts stapled to the page behind a single, large photo mat and the other had all of these pieced together circles.  This is not scraplifted because it is nothing like either of the layouts that I saw, but they definitely sparked an idea. 
I did journal on this page but I had a lot to say so I put it on the back.  I do that a lot.  Another habit I have is to wait to put any information on my layouts.  Usually when I finish with a page, I am done and ready to move to the next. It is awful to not put any information on a page so what I normally do is stack the pages up and go back later to add information.  When I'm watching movies or TV, I will just pull out a stack, add the information that I want and put them in my albums.  Works for me.
How about you?  Do you add journaling and basic information as soon as you finish or do you go back and do it later? 
Thanks for stopping by and have a great Thursday!!!!!!!!

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Erin Blegen said...

Such a fab layout, love it!