Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Getting It

This week is all about getting it for me.  Getting it done on the elliptical machine for my workouts.  Getting it done in my scrapbooks.  Getting it done when it comes to finally painting my upstairs.  Getting it done on my to-do list.  

My list is always crazy.  Everyday.  There is always a page of stuff to get through and most of it is not fun.  Today, I am weeding through a list of 30 items that includes gathering information for our bi-annual extended family vacation (we had 27 people in 2015!), taping off my master bathroom in preparation for painting it the most beautiful shade of navy blue, moving my sons furniture back into his room because we are done painting it, touching up said paint in my sons room, taking him to his volunteer hours, picking up 3 more gallons of paint for the master bedroom, vacuuming, and on and on and on. 

Normally i'm able to check off almost everything but today, my mojo for doing anything is just gone:(

I do have 5 more layouts to share and that makes me very, very happy.  

Unbelievably, I like every layout today.  This doesn't happen often but it was just the thing I needed today. 

The first one is of my daughter when she was little visiting Santa.  The photos struck me because even though they were taken a couple of years apart, she has on a frilly red dress in both of them.  That is so her.  She is and always has been a girly girl:)  The page is based on this sketch from pagemaps.

I'm about 2 thirds of the way through Nancy Damiano's class @ scrapbook.com and still loving everything that she does.  My plan to create 2 layouts per session is still in place and working for me.  Here is the layout almost exactly as she taught it.....

And my interpretation.  The basic shape when you look at her center clusters was what struck me.  

In this next one, I turned a 2-page sketch into a single 12X12 layout.  This is also based on a sketch from pagemaps.  This is the sketch where the whole thing started. 

The photo is a random shot of my husband and I stealing a smooch at my brothers wedding.  

And finally this page...

Based on a layout from my magazine stash.  Creating Keepsakes May/June 2013 issue featured a digital layout by Jana Morton called "Our Little Table Dancer".  I loved how she had placed a really big photo in the center of the page and "hung" it from a hook.  So creative....

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