Saturday, March 5, 2016

Just Sharing

Not much chatter today, just wanted to share a few layouts.  Have a great weekend!

This layout was based on another Stacy Cohen page.  Love, love her style.  This page, not so much:(  It was based on this very lovely and interesting page.....

This next one is growing on me.  I love the frame that's made with a combination of stitching and blue pen lines (and the photo of course!).  I also really liked the little line of xoxo stamping above the photos and will be doing that again.  It was a fun page to make.....

Scraplifting is working for me people.  I saw a page in CK's March/April 2013 edition (pg 73 for my fellow magazine hoarders) by Cassandra Cyr.  There are plenty of her pages on pinterest and on the internet, but I could not find this particular one.  Here is a link to her blog if you want to check her out.  She hasn't posted in a while and there were not a lot of scrapbook post but nice blog.  But man.  This page.  The picture completely and totally has my entire heart.  I love it sooooo much.  I loved how the layout came out too even though my silhouette chewed up my black paper and I was too lazy to cut it again:(

My original plan was to do lots of layering and background stuff but everytime I put something on the page, I ended up taking it back off.  The photo is this layout!  

I made the background by using combining 2 silhouette designs, a heart and the scallop edge mat.  I simply sized the heart to the size that I wanted, tilted it with the rotate tool and than outlining it.  I moved the larger outline off to the side and placed the heart inside the scallop mat where I wanted it than cut the out of black paper.  I welded the mat/heart duo together than placed the larger heart in place.  The mat/heart duo was moved off to the side and I cut the large heart out of the pink word print pp.  Easy Peasy!  The only thing you have to keep in mind is that you will have to trim the pink pattern paper to fit inside the edges of the black scallop mat.  If I do it again, I will do that before cutting out the heart.  

I made this page in 2008.  Yikes!  I still love that velvet star paper and wish I had more of it.  Ditto the star brads.  The page is about how my littlest one would not let anyone give him a free kiss.  If you kissed him, he would have to kiss you back.  It was cute and terrible at the same time because once my older kids realized this, they would sneak him a kiss and run!  He couldn't catch them so he would just cry and cry.  Poor little guy:(

Another page that I adore.  The picture is terrible of course bc I took it lol but the memory is fun.  It was a lift of this page by Missy Whidden from my pinterest board.

Let me be 100% honest and forthcoming, it almost killed me to use that October Afternoon paper!  Just sayin'.

And the last 2 layouts are from my Nancy Damiano class at  Still can't believe it was free!  Would have totally paid for it!!  

This is the layout made almost exactly as she taught it......

And this is my take on it.  

I liked how she used the pp to frame the page only on the sides, the light background paper and how she grouped things.     

Thanks for stopping by....... 


kate blue said...

I confess... I just went through my scrapbook magazines (Scrapbook Trends ad a few others) that have been in my stash and decreased them by 50%, I plan on having them in a FREE PILE once I plan my next crop. Love all the stories your layouts tell and I love when folks take a class, make it like the instructions, then turn around and make it YOURS...that way, you can change it a million different ways!

Shere said...

I'll be checking for your next crop and hope that I can attend. I have a hard time getting rid of my back issues and still have about 10 boxes (only 3 are scrapbooking/crafts though teehee). Thanks for the compliments on my pages, the feeling is mutual and I have really enjoyed checking out your work.