Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Mixing It Up

Mixing it up with page protectors is just not something that I do.  I see quite a few lovely albums where a layout is on one side and a divided page protector is on the other.  The idea of doing it is so much easier to handle than the actual physical act of doing it.  I have an album that contains only divided page protectors and albums that have all of my layouts in them.  

Just curious.  Do you keep yours separate or do you have no problems at all mixing your 12X12 layouts in with your divided page protectors?  Do you embellish your divided pages or do you just slip in the photos?  

Can I just say that this photo of my daughter and my niece makes me smile every time I look at it?  They are so adorable together!   

I really enjoyed creating this page too.  It was inspired by a Waleska Neris page that I saw in the July 2011 issue of Scrapbook Trends..... 

I used these funky beads that have been in my stash for the longest time.  They were a trade show freeby from like 2008.  They were perfect for a loose banner at the top of the page.  I threaded them on gold and yellow thread than sprinkled little gold sequins on the page.  The "Happy" is from Crate Paper.  I cut the letters apart (they were one word) and punched a hole in the top so that I could thread them on a second layer of gold thread.  It all came together better than I expected it to.  

This next layout on the other hand is not a favorite.  I love the picture of my girl (the same one above when she was little:)) but the page just seems off to me.  I find that I probably really only like about 25 to 50% of what I create on any given day:(.  

This was inspiration straight from my pinterest boards.  This layout by J. Robbyn Hebel.  I loved how she had peek-a-boo'd the corner!  I copied the look than used a pack of rub-ons in the space.

And my final share of the day is this layout about "The Color Purple".  We got to see it on Broadway the last time we were in NY.  I don't have the words to say how much we enjoyed this show!  It was fantastic from start to finish!!!  Every actor, every note, every move was sheer perfection.  

 My daughter (I guess this is going to be a day to blog all about her:)) has loved "The Color Purple" since she was a little girl.  She has the book, owns the movie and has seen it at least 100 times and to this day will stop everything to watch it if it comes on TV.  So this was an extra special show for her. 

The layout was also inspired from pinterest.  This layout by Mary Ann Jenkins is stunning! It was a fantastic complement to the cover of our playbill.  

Thanks for stopping by!  Have a great day.....

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kate blue said...

Love em all, especially the Color Purple one since it's one of my all-time fav movies too; I've probably seen it 50 times!