Wednesday, March 23, 2016

New Orleans There We Went

So we took a mini vacay to this fabulous city and really enjoyed our time there.  People are so, so friendly in NO:)  We had some unexpected favorites and some unexpected not favorites.  We also thought it would be warmer.  Much warmer.  It was also more crowded than we expected too.  I think folks have caught on to our strategy.  The strategy of traveling during the off season to avoid the crowds.  

Some highlights of the city that we got to see for/experience ourselves...

  • Bourbon Street
  • Riding the Streetcars
  • Katrina Devastation and Rebuilding
  • Alligator (not me!  I'll have chicken!!)
  • The French Market
  • Beignets
  • Delicious Cafe Au Lait!  It should taste that good everywhere:)
  • Really Pretty Beaches in neighboring Mississippi. Also fun teaching my son the Mississippi spelling song on the ride down.  He thought I had made it up...
  • Beads!
  • Street Performers
  • Live Blues & Jazz.  We definitely left with happy ears:)
  • Jackson Square
  • Bizarre Parades and a lot of them...

And some layout shares....

He loved sugar cookies - 

My oldest son on his graduation day.  So, so proud of him.  That was about 6 years ago - 

The same dude about 17 years earlier getting to know Sylvester at an amusement park.  He would not ride any rides, but he loved meeting all of the characters.  We couldn't get him on any rides until he was a teenager.  Hated them all.

My Gabby Girl at the beach in the Caribbean during one of our family vacations...

My Gabby girl again dancing it up with my sister (her mom) and my other two girls Nya & Kezia at Disney last year....

My husband & I a few years ago.  My sister had Q for the summer so right before he came back, we took an impromptu getaway.  He was so upset that we went without him that he hasn't gone away for the summer since....

I plan to start the layouts for our New Orleans trip very soon.  My husband took some amazing shots and I'm excited to get them recorded while my thoughts are still fresh.  In the past, I have waited years to scrapbook our trips but not this year, this year I am prolific and am scrapping everything when everything happens:)

Thanks for stopping by and happy Humpday!

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