Friday, March 18, 2016

Our Best Moments

Looking at our photos, I am realizing that our best moments don't always happen on vacation.  They are also not limited in number.  As a family, we have shared countless best moments.  These moments are the ones that make us want to be together, make us miss each other when we are apart and the ones that make us feel so, so happy when we remember them.  

This moment happened on a normal day at home.  We had gotten home from work/preschool and were just winding down before dinner.  Nothing special but my girl looks so happy....

I based the design of this layout on this pagemaps sketch.  Love the chipboard elements from MME!

This moment just happened to occur while we were on vacation last year.  Our entrance to the park and we were dazzled by the beauty of the place.  There is no feeling like the one that you get when you see Disney for the first time.  The excitement is unreal....

My inspiration came from a Fancy Pants magazine ad....

This moment comes from an average, ordinary school photo but she looveed to take school photos so this made it a best moment for her.  She hated school but here she was happy.....

Inspired by this card that I pinned on my pinterest boards.

A spontaneous moment during a weekend getaway.  A best moment for him because he was doing something that made him feel daring.   At least until a slightly panicking mom made him stop:)

Loving using sketches.  Big shout out to pagemaps for having some fantastic ones!

A very best moment for this little guy because what little boy doesn't enjoy covering himself with sand?

Used another pagemaps sketch for this - 

Happy Friday Everyone!  Have a great weekend!!

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