Sunday, March 27, 2016

Hobby Lobby

It is a little bit lame for a crafter of any kind to claim Hobby Lobby as a favorite store so I won't, even though it is:).  Fortunately, my kid does not have his morning class on Monday which means that I will have time to run by Hobby Lobby while he takes his afternoon class.  Hobby Lobby is about an hour from us so a visit there always demands a little planning.  I am hoping to pick up some mini glue dots and some other basic supplies.  Maybe they will have some of the newer paper pads and I can snag a couple of those.  Michael's was a bust with the $5.99 paper pads, I did not walk away with a single one!  They were all sold out of the ones that I wanted.  Oh, well...

A couple of layouts to share with you.  The first one talks about my oldest sons struggle to learn to crawl.  It was based on this layout my Melinda Spinks.  Love her work!

My precious girl again.  This time taking a nap after we had gotten home from work.  I probably snapped this pic because she is wearing a favorite outfit for me.  Love the flower border!  Inspired by this page also by Melinda.  

And my girl again.  I told her that my blog was looking to be all about her:) I scraplifted a wedding layout by Nicole Harper.  It was in the May/June 2013 issue of CK.  We snapped this photo of her in 1990 at Universal Studios.  

This photo is where me and my husbands happily ever after began.  

I used a sketch for this page.  It was from the first sketch book that pagemaps put out.  I have both of the issues and I don't think I will ever get rid of them.  Still refer to the sketches and tips even after all of this time.  My husbands Grandmother passed away some years ago but we still get comfort from remembering how engaged she was with her great-grandchildren.

Attention Maryland!  Please consider making it a little more reasonable for young people to get a driver's license!! Between the 60+ hours of driving time & requirement to complete driving school, this dude will not be able to drive by himself until after he leaves for college!!!!!!!!!!!  In the meantime, this mom will sit in the backseat and grip the door handle as tightly as he grips the wheel:)

Thanks for stopping by and Happy Easter!!

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