Saturday, February 9, 2008

Ballet & 20 Pages

Here is what I did for the first challenge:

1. I sanded the left side where my journaling is going to go until my pattern was very faint. I sanded a straight line by sanding it on top of my mat and then I placed it on top of a tearing ruler to get a faint impression of its decorative edge.

2. Next I dusted off my lightbox and selected some clip art. I traced the clip art to create a pattern than dry brushed on top of it with cream acrylic paint. I sanded again until the pattern underneath was more visible. Next came the vintage photo distress ink pad that I tapped all over than used the same paintbrush (without rinsing it out) to smooth the edges. Using artist crayons in 3 colors, I drew flowers to loosely look like the flowers in the pp. I Stamped swirls all over and ran an almost dry black chalk inkpad all over from top to bottom. Lastly, I used my glue bottle to draw a swirl pattern (mimicking the stamped ones) all over and glittered it with orange glitter. I added a visual seperation by drawing a line with silver leaf marker with a black center.

This is how it looks after I finished all of the distressing.

3. Than I built my page. It is definitely not something that is my usual style but this page is growing on me. I do like the bright colors and I had fun with the techniques. I think if I do it again, I will not use so many altered layers. I forgot to mention the scallops at the bottom. I used a red artist crayon to draw a scallop all the way across and then cut it out. Love that. It is my favorite part of the layout.

The next challenge is to use a black and white photo and a brightly colored paper. Here is my paper :

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