Monday, March 23, 2009

75 Pounds

That's a lot of weight. Most people that know me say there is no way you need to lose that much weight. My husband says maybe 30 - 40 lbs (thanks babe) but 75. That's a lot of weight. My little guy says wow mommy, that is more than I weigh. Glad to say that I am well on my way with 5 lbs down. So enjoying the fact that I am not having to kill myself to get it to come off right now. Just taking it nice and easy with no sweets, no fast food and no soda. Boy do I miss oreos & ice cream. Sugar Cookies. Girl Scout Cookies. Chocolate Shakes and last but not least McDonalds fries, extra salt please.

Conversations with Q......

He gets home from school at around 2 something, takes 1 hour more than he is supposed to to relax and shake the day off. Around 4:30, the drama begins.

Q - mommy my brain isn't working right.
M - why do you say that?
Q - I just can't get my practice work done. The numbers aren't coming to me.
M - no outside till you finish (I'm so heartless, no comfort, no encouragement just git r done)
Q - Waiiiiiiiiilllllllinnnnnggggg, Crocadile tears, whining, complaining and finally 6 pm he is done.
M - was it worth it?
Q - Apparantly not, you didn't let me go outside like you normally do.

WTHeck, he really does have my number.
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