Saturday, March 14, 2009

Saturday Soup

The title is part of my daughters favorite pre-k song. We sang it everyday and it ties all the days of the week to something easy to remember to help the kids learn them.

So what did the boys want for dinner tonight? A usually doesn't care and Q almost always ask for soup.

We took a trip to the library today. Aaaahhhh I absolutely love the library. I got a few amazing books that I am excited to read and will update my reading list on Monday perhaps. I am still determined to read a biography on each of the US's Presidents. I don't want to buy them because I never, ever read a book twice. Except the Bible, but that is not just a book. So I am relying on the library to assist my quest to learn. Apparently John Adams is a very popular President because the last 2 times I tried to find a book on him, they were all checked out.

"Finished This Day Diaries from American Women" and found it to be a very interesting read. This book was published in 2003 and it is so shocking to see that there were comments about the state of the economy in it. In 2003, the economy was not on my radar! At all!!! But apparently, the writing was on the wall 6 years ago and some very saavy ladies voiced their concerns for all to read. When I bought the book, I probably was just wanting to compare my normalcy but it turns out I am and was surprised by the concerns that most of the women in the book voiced in their heads. They run surprisingly along the same lines as some of the things that my sisters, friends and I talk about and worry about on a daily basis. The surprise was not so much that we thought about the same concerns as it was how varied the backgrounds were. There were homemakers, business women, single women, mothers, lawyers, authors, actors, all kinds of women represented. I would love to pass this book on so it you are interested, email me your address and I will drop it in the mail to you.

Have a great Sunday tomorrow!

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