Tuesday, March 24, 2009

I Am The Queen of......

starting a post everyday, and than actually posting 4 or 5 days worth at the end of the week! lol. I think that I am going to start one post a week with this queen of thing. I always say, I am too busy to take the photos for the post or (my favorite) this is boring and I need to think of something else to say. Hello, my life is kinda boring. Who am I kidding with this "must be witty to post mentality". Geez. Anyway,

I have been completing one or 2 layouts a day. Yeah for me. Oh Oh, Oh Oh, she's on a roll, she's on a roll, step out of the way quickly and no one gets hurt.
Did this for pencil lines. About my husbands promotion a few years ago. He has been promoted since but he worked extremely hard for this one.

Me in Okinawa Japan. We used to have uniform inspections at the change of the season. I am in the back in the left hand corner. My little guy found me right away. I even remembered most of the people in the photos. This was taken in 96.

This was taken in Japan too. Hubby and I used to go on a lot of excursions and this one included a Habu (snake) and Ferret match. Not my favorite at all. It was cruel and smelly and extremely boring (I was sitting there doing everything that I could to not look). The beer factory tour that we did next was much more interesting!

I have also been sorting through the 6 boxes of essential papers that I have been holding onto since 1987. I mean really, who needs their paystubs from 22 years ago? The tax man has long been gone for that one. Definitely too late. I have them down to 3 boxes to sort and 3 boxes to hold on to with one current file bin. Before you say, hello Shere that is still 4 boxes you are keeping, I have them labelled by 3 categories to make what's in them easier to file and they all have plenty of room for expansion. I even have purge guidelines in place. Yeah for me again.

I have been cleaning out my garage. I can almost get my car in it. Soon, very soon. Oh the stuff that I have been taking to Goodwill. Can they come after you to make you take it back?

My precious kicked the bucket. I posted a couple of weeks ago about my card reader and how much I loved it. Wouldn't you know the ungrateful *#@^% thing quite working a couple of days ago. sigh. sigh.

Thanks for stopping by and blog you later.


Pamela said...

Great stuff!

Anonymous said...

Love the layouts you did!