Thursday, March 26, 2009

First Day of Soccer

Busy, busy day. Here's a look at my to do list.......

  • pay bills
  • reply to emails
  • make plans & reservations for spring break trip
  • shop f/ class
  • shop f/ Q soccer practice
  • bank business
  • clean house
  • scrapbook (baby gift set, 4 layouts)
  • develop new kit idea
  • work on new class
  • start personalized apron
  • cook dinner
  • make family phone calls
  • blog (take photos of a couple of completed layouts)
  • start on invitations to J's baby shower
  • zoo trip plans

Let's see how much of this actually gets a check mark, lol.

I added Carole Janson to my blog. I love her work and had actually been thinking about visiting her blog but could not remember where or how I found her last time. I used (with permission, she is a total sweetheart) one of her layouts to scraplift in my Something Old, Something New class. Oh my her work is even more divine than last year. When I grow up, I definitely want to scrap like her! If you get a chance, go check her out.

Cathy Zielski is another person whose blog I love. She doesn't post a lot of projects but she is Hi-La-Ri-Ous. OMGoodness she is too funny. She even has a picture of the spice Dick Weed on her blog. Who knew such a thing existed in nature. I thought that Dick Weed was a personality flaw. Too, Too funny.

Yahooooo!!! The kids are out of school tomorrow. I can sleep in or if I can't sleep, I can get a few hours of peace and quiet. So rude how kids wake a mama up in the mornings.

Funny story to share. Well, it wasn't funny last night, but it is starting to be a bit charming now. I was sooooooo tired last night. I fell asleep around 9:30 or so. Don't even remember what I was watching. I am never that tired that early but hey, I love to sleep so I was grateful. Around 2am, I hear a crash & glass breaking. I jumped out of bed like a shot (normally, this is where I would wake my husband up to go check it out while I went back to sleep. Hey, if I am going down, I am going down unawares) and ran into the kitchen. I had grabbed the closest thing I could get my hands on (an insulated cup) and I stood in the kitchen doorway for about 15 minutes holding a cup, my heart beating out of my chest waiting for some stupid robber to appear so I could beat the snot out of them with my plastic cup. Lucky for me, there was no one there. So I grab the phone off the hook (yeah, I asked myself why I didn't get a knife or call the police. It was 2am and I was skeared. I will never yell at the dummy on tv for falling down again) and went back to bed. Fell instantly back asleep. Woke up this morning wondering what the heck kinda crack I took during the day to make my night go like and ya know maybe I dreamed it all. That glass breaking sound was so real. Well as I was cleaning up, I found one of my favorite paintings had fallen off the wall and the frame, glass and all, was in a million pieces. Long (long) story short, I am not crazy, there really was something going bump in the night. Whew. And yeah next time, I won't be getting out of bed. I truly doubt that cup would have saved my life from a drugged out, money hungry robber.

Thanks for stopping by my blog & have a great day!


Lynn said...

omg! i've had that happen before and man the flight or fight instinct totally kicks in. sorry about your painting, but so glad it wasn't anything sinister. but omg! your story had me laughing.

*Paula* said...

Woah! Glad you can see the funny side now. I probably would have reacted the same way!

DebW said...

great story! Glad it was a picture and not a window!
But when you get a minute, put a baseball bat in your closet. It will be more effective than a cup.;)

ronee said...

I have had the same thing happen to me...except it was a tennis ball to my craft room window! And yes I made ry go and check!