Wednesday, March 11, 2009

I Won The Lottery!

I don't normally play but lately, I have had the feeling that I would win so I've been playing a few games here and there. And yesterday, I won $6. A whole $6. All you distant relatives and long lost cousins may as well save the bus fare because I am not sharing! lol. My husband is just going to say "I told you so" so I think I might just keep this win to myself.

Here is a layout that I did of my niece. Look how chunky she is. She's 5 now and so tall & lanky. I had a ton of pictures from this day but can only find one. Hard to believe that it is almost that time again. Beach time. We spend so much time at the IOP during the summer because it is the little guys favorite place on earth. We were there one day and got to see them release some huge turtles back into the wild. Of course I didn't have my camera. I don't take it to the beach because I am the paranoid mom that follows her kid into the water and won't let him get more than a few feet away from me, so am afraid that the camera will get damaged. It took the lazy creatures about 1 hour (not exaggerating) to make it to the water but once they got in, they disappeared almost instantly.

I really like this layout but had a hard time with the lighting showing the details. The flower thing in the upper right hand corner is actually a mirror with a transparency on top of it and a K&Co epoxy frame. Love the way it came out. I punched holes in the green paper and backed it with the same transparency and white cs. In the far left corner, I placed a picture of the little guy topped with a LYB frame. Was debating on whether or not to put a brad through the circles but I like the simplicity of them.

Thanks for stopping by and blog you later.

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