Friday, March 27, 2009

Soccer Was Great

My little guy loves it! He didn't complain and was pumped about running 4 laps around the field. I on the other hand was exhausted just watching him and the Charleston biting flies ate me alive. Note to self - don't forget the bug spray. I wanted to post pics but the camera was sitting next to the bug spray (ie I forgot it).

I told my boys about the "faux" robbery and they said

A - you should have screamed, I have a bat by my bed
Q - yeah mom me too (DebW, somebody in this house has a little bit of sense and knew you were going to suggest this)
A - we would have come down and took care of anyone that was trying to rob our house
Q - yeah (using his big boy voice)
M - I guess it would have been a Jamison family beat down ha?
A&Q - heck yeah
M - Darn skippy. 2 bats and a cup. heck yeah we had that.

I finished a couple of layouts....

My printer is out of ink so I still have to print the photos for this one later. I do this all the time so no biggy. Q is such a kissy face. Everytime I kiss him, he has to kiss me back. And since he is my baby, he gets (and gives) a lot of kisses!

Mostly been developing a couple of new ideas and getting ready for my class tomorrow. I love the ladies that are taking the class and it should be a laugh a minute! Too excited. Michelle, if you are reading this, you must not work! Class time is fun time is no work!!! (Michelle is one of the owners of the store and whenever she takes a class she ends up working thru the whole thing).

Thanks for stopping by the blog. Have a great day!

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