Friday, March 13, 2009

What's on the agenda today?

  • Working on submissions
  • Cleaning old mulch from front flower bed
  • Avoiding starting on the garage, again
  • Crop? Would be nice but I'm feeling very sleepy. lol
  • Cook Dinner? I bought a ton of frozen meals (something I don't ever do but they were the good ones and bogo) and the boys think I am the best mom ever for this. Okay, I'll take the praise. They'll be grown before they ever realize that that's cheating.
  • Paying bills
  • Laundry? At least one load?

Notice all the question marks by the chores.

I was out and about yesterday and found these items :

Anna Griffin (oh my, I do think I have a crush)

I also picked up some K&Co Daydreams, Wild Raspberry Frames, a butterfly transparency from Anna Griffin and a sheet of CI that I could not make myself put back. Off to have some fun. Hope you have a fantastically scrappy weekend!

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