Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Feelin' Blessed

I am thankful for (this is a short list and so not in order)
  • My Heavenly Father's unconditional love for me. The word unconditional is so important because it means that He loves me no matter what kind of boneheaded thing I do or say.
  • It only cost $150 to fix my car. I had the smelling salts in my bag when I walked into the repair shop, just in case.
  • The Boy's newfound sense of responsibility (and urgency) at finding a job
  • Creativity
  • My kid's sense of wonder
  • My daughters continued survival in college and with her first apartment
  • Moving to DC to be with my husband soon
  • The Fantastic teacher's in this school district
  • My wonderful, wonderful church
  • That we have been able to survive financially in this economy without me having to get a full time job.
  • Being able to go back to school full time
  • Scrapbook Paper!
  • The best family ever!!!!! (I could eat my brother and my sisters with a spoon they are so sweet)
  • That God routinely brings people in my life that are wonderful and that I totally don't deserve (Hellooooooo Karla, Ginger)
  • Loud belly laughs brought on by the ever funny little guy
  • My neighbors kids. They are too cute and everytime I go outside and they see me, they come and tell me about their day or if they're inside, they bang on the window just to say hello!
  • A renewed fire in my belly for my business
  • The fog & funk of sadness finally dissipating
  • Imaginative author's that create books that I can get lost in

Thanks for stopping by and blog you later!

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