Friday, March 20, 2009

It Is A GLORIOUS Day Today!

It seems that every Friday, I am braggin about the weather here in Charleston. What's up with that? But I have to tell you I am not exaggerating, it is so beautiful today. I spent most of the morning with a cup in my hands staring out at the pond. It just makes you want to get out there and take a swim. Unless you are a family of turtles, then you would be sunning on the banks.

This is me and my bff Donna when I got married the first time. She stood by me that day when I made the worst mistake of my life and she was there watching it all unravel. She lives on the west coast now and I sure do miss her. She never said a negative word to me because she knew that I would not listen and would do it anyway. I like to think that she was hoping it would work out. Anywho, she was always a great friend.

I did this one for ebay and am so happy with how the piecing came out! One of the best that I have done. Love it. I should have it posted by tomorrow night. Posting and doing the descriptions is as much work as making the layout.

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ronee said...

I have a receipe for cream soup..but I do have to tell at publix and harris teeter..we totally went organic..well minus a few here and there..and Ryan has a salt we had to TOTALLY adjust our's taken about a year..but we have totally refined our eating! GOOD LUCK!