Sunday, March 1, 2009

I Got Robbed By Mother Nature

My new bumper sticker is going to read "Atlanta got white fluffy stuff and all Charleston got was a crappy thunderstorm and tornadoe warnings!"

Anyhoo, I was blog surfing and found this link on t!ms blog. I don't know how many of you remember this song, but it totally popped into my head when I was watching this video. OMGosh, Becky look at her rings! They are so BIG, she looks like one of those rap guys girlfriends. LOL. I had myself rolling but I so totally want her look. Love the way those rings look. I'm going to have to work on that. Check out the video because the technique that she demonstrated is just as lustable as her rings.

Note to everyone that will listen, thyme added to the meat mix for hamburgers R-O-C-K-S. Those freakin burgers were so good that the boys ate them all before I could get a second one. Note to self, double the recipe next time!

Q and his friends built the largest, most impressive mess, er I mean "Frog City" that I have ever seen. Creative license and lots of woosaa is what I need on a daily basis with his creations. There are 3 cups of vinegar experiment sitting on my back porch. I had to throw away one of my oversized flower pots because the stench was so bad that I was afraid to ask what that experiment was and I regularly have a city of everything he can find in the middle of my studio floor. See photos below to experience just a tenth of my pain. (yeah, yeah, I know cry me a river). He and my niece building the city. I don't know what the look on his face is and please excuse my messy studio. The maid was on hiatus that day! In the second photo, I had to crop him out because he is naked. His favorite thing to do is to run around the house naked after he takes a bath and thus far, I am no success convincing him that he is too old to run around the house with no clothes on!

I am really enjoying creating with my pics. Last year, I did so many kits and pages for sale that I really got away from putting pictures on any of my layouts, even the ones I kept for me. It's nice to have the freedom again to create just to create. My new favorite layout (who said it can't be more than one?)......

My mom was a big time bowler. She was one of the best on her league and has the trophy to prove it. She sent me a pic and a trophy because she was so proud. I never would have thought that my mom would love bowling, but when I think back, she and my dad were always active. Playing softball, gardening, horseback riding, swimming, hunting (my dad) and more.

A was so crazy about her baby brother when he was born. She was always taking care of him and sometimes she would just lay next to him and watch him. If he cried, she would make soothing noises and gently pat his back. I am not so crazy about the layout, but I love the photos.
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Andrene said...

The rings may be HUGE but the nails look great!! Must be the accent!!