Saturday, March 7, 2009

Is Winter Over?

I mean seriously, Monday it was supposed to snow and today it is like 50 degrees outside. Vitamin C and healthy doses of Prayer are in order so we don't get sick in this kind of weather.
I got nothing creative today so I guess I am going to blog lift......
Linda Albrecht. This woman is so talented. I love her work. Love it! Not only do I love it, I am going right out to get some eggs to make some of these. They remind me of sugar eggs that I used to make with my grandmother. I would love to make some with the boys but don't know if I can brave the mess.
Sometimes I think that I am the only person on earth that can't get their library books back on time. Gee Whiz my books are late again!
So this year, my husband tells me that I can choose what we are going to do for our getaway. He gives me the choice between white water rafting (which I hate. I am deathly afraid of fast moving water) and taking a cruise. Hello!!! That is a complete no brainer. The cruise. Well, turns out it was just a test. I guess he wanted to see if I would be loyal to his loves and interested in bonding while we do something he enjoys instead of taking a cruise. That is the first F I have gotten since high school. He didn't even have cruise out of his mouth good before I chose it. And we are still going rafting. I really love that man.
Why a picture of a toothbrush? Because I don't think that I could really explain how gross my little guy is. I bought him a suction toothbrush that is supposed to be attached to the flat top of the counter. He thinks that it is so much fun to stick it all over the bathroom. So, inevitably, everyday I find it on the floor. I leave it alone because it is his toothbrush but yuck!
This is one of my favorite mini-albums.

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Audrey said...

I think I'd pick a cruise over white-water rafting too...I'm not the daredevil type.

ronee said...

my kids have the same tooth brushes..but i dont find my on the floor...just not standing up!