Saturday, March 28, 2009

Boy vs Tree

Tree Wins! My poor, poor little guy had a head on collison with a tree on his bike. He didn't get hurt badly, he just looks bad. And uh yeah, I posted pictures (he didn't want me to but I am a scrapbooker so I had to) The whole bottom part of his face is scraped and swollen plus he may lose his two front teeth. Hopefully he will ride his bike again. He just learned to ride it this year (yes I know he is nine, but he truly prefers to run or scooter. He has had a bike since he was about 3 or so and chooses to never ride it). He has only left the house for about 1 hour since his accident and missed his first soccer game today. This is where I put in my disclaimer about how bad the pictures are. Sorry they do look terrible but he looks better than he did yesterday!

My class at the Pink House was a hoot! Paula, Terrie, Sheila, Heidi and Karla kept us in stitches the whole time and it took us twice as long to finish our project as I had planned. They did tell me at the end of the class that I was way overambitious with the time. I think that If we hadn't chatted as much, we might have finished earlier. It was so much fun but we were absolutely starving by the time we left.

Some layouts. These aren't my favorites but I love the subjects......

This is about how I had the baby before I had the baby shower. Aaron decided to show up almost 2 months early so thay had to give me my shower after the fact. He was still in the hospital so the shower was planned around visiting hours.
Ok, it's raining now. Hard. You know what that means. Yep, nap time.

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