Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Met With the Realtor Today

And I am happy to say that my house is now officially for sale! Washington, DC here we come.

Hubby finally got to make a call to let me know how he is. Still don't know when he is going to be back. Not even sure exactly where he is. South America is a huge place so that didn't help much when he said it. It's sad when you have to watch the news to find out where your husband is! Good thing he likes his job.

Couple of layouts to share. I am loving scrapbooking right now.
My husband took this photo of the girl soon after we had moved to Charleston from Japan. She was pretty homesick for Japan in those days so we got a lot of pics of her looking like this.

This came out super dark but I am too lazy to retake the photo right now. (um did I just admit that?). This weekend was absolutely fantastic. We were camping at Okuma Beach with friends, something that we did almost every weekend. CJ, the kids and I were always gone exploring. We spent so much time getting to know the island and even now, I miss it. Naha was one of our favorites and on days when we got off from work early, we would pick the kids up and head up there. On this particular weekend, we spent the day swimming on Friday, we hiked to Hiji Falls on Saturday (which took us about 3 hours just to get there. The kids were so tired that they would not even swim and when we got back to the camp, they ate and went straight to bed. Usually we took a walk or sat on the beach in the evenings). And on Sunday, we went snorkeling on the reefs.

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