Monday, March 16, 2009

Everything I Need to Know

I love the simplicity of this statement and the how it demonstrates that everything you see and hear can be learned from.
What I learned in church yesterday was that I have to be quiet in order to hear God. Have you ever tried to stop the chatter of worry? It is impossible! No matter how many things are going right, you worry about what is going wrong. Since I retired, God has been working on me to let go of things. Let tomorrow worry about itself. It is what it is (I used to hate this statement). To do what I can and let Him handle the rest. Tough order for a type AB personality that is more A than B. But I have noticed that since I started to relax and let Him work on me, I am happier (not all the time) and I am a better person to be around. I am not as selfish as I used to be, and I am more patient with my husband and children. I don't know how they stuck it out with me but they did and I am so, so grateful.

My husband is off again. Don't even know when he is coming back.

Meeting with my Realtor this week so if you are in the market for a good house, call me.

I hate, hate, hate the act of moving but I am determined to do this with good humor and cheerfulness. No cussing (I stopped for the most part as soon as I stepped out of Navy's door. Boy did I have a potty mouth!) or throwing things. But most of all no CRYING.
I made this for the Cocoa Daisy scraplift contest but never submitted it (I had Cheeto poisioning. That's my story and I'm sticking to it. Hopefully no Frito Lay exectutives are reading this and waiting to sue me). Love the layout. Can't wait to add a photo on a deep orange-red mat.

So, have a great day and blog you later.

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