Monday, March 9, 2009

It Is Unbelievable Outside

It is expected to be in the high 70's to low 80's today. Fantastically beautiful. All of my windows are open and I am starting to plan my front flowerbed. Also need to clean out the garage, fix the screen on the back porch (thanks boys), clean the back porch, service the lawn equipment, refresh the mulch, arrange to get the carpets cleaned, get rid of the boys too small/ripped/trashed clothes, you get the picture. It is spring cleaning time!

I have been madly organizing my supplies lately and can't even start working until I get something hung up or stored in a way that is better for me to locate & use. I am sure this is a good thing but it sure does eat up a lot of time. Although I must admit, I have been doing about 2 layouts a day. Even with the stuff going on in my house.

I finished this layout that I love but don't have a picture for yet.....

And this layout that I am not so crazy about (but am loving the photo and the hole punching around the outside edge)

And as crazy as this may sound, I think I have Cheeto Poisioning. I have been sick as a dog all day today. Dizzy when I stand up, queasy, stomach ache. Oh the misery. I love the things and I could not stop myself. My daughter said that there is no such thing as Cheeto poisioning, it is called greedy. She might be right. It will be a long time before I want some of those babies again.

Have a great day!


Andrene said...

Love that butterfly - gotta know how you made it. And your daughter is correct - no such thing as Cheeto poisoning - you make me laugh!! Hope to see you at TPH at the end of the month!

ronee said...

its not cheeto sickness its overindulgncey sickness. you will be fine..i get it all the time!