Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Motor Mouth

My little guy talks non-stop. I know that this is a good thing, but sometimes, he will talk for over an hour. He ran errands with me yesterday and talked about the fish he accidentally caught at the cattail pond (he & his friends name all of their favorite areas. There are the back woods, the side woods, and cattail ponds 1-3). He named it Bass 1. Apparantly, there were 3 bass' but Bass 2 and Bass 2 Jr died. They have been catching minnows and hand feeding this fish for about 3 days and are sad because they had to finally let it go because the hole that they were keeping it in was starting to dry up. Then he got off into how they catch lizards and hand feed them (ants mostly because they are easy to catch - but you must make sure to cut the abdomens off so that they don't sting & kill the lizard). And on, and on, and on, sort of like this description so I will stop. What am I going to do when my husband gets this blasted bird? Ay yi yi!

I made my list, my to do list that is and it is a mile long. I went to all my favorite sites and I flagged contest that I would like to take part in. I printed a calendar and I am working steadily on submitting. Wish me luck.

My take on the pencil lines sketch. Very simple but love the colors. I haven't added pictures yet. That makes 3 layouts with no photos. I haven't been loving the colors coming off my home printer lately. I think I need a new cartridge..........

A LO about how much the little guy likes to say BOOM. Again a simple, simple LO with great colors, and again no photos......

Loving the weather still. I haven't had to run my heat for a week now. Hopefully that will reflect in my electric bill!

Thanks for stopping by. Blog you later.

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